Let’s face it. we all want to lose weight and every new year, many of us set goals to lose weight and belly fat but same thing happens every year. You FAIL! To make the matters worse, it seems like as we age, our metabolism also seems to be slowing down like CRAZY!

The problem is not the will but lack of understanding on how our body works. To make things sound really easy for you, just remember this.

You have to exercise more than what you intake in order to lose weight. Conversely, if you eat more than you exercise, you will obviously gain weight.

So the question comes down to this. What will you do in order to stay active? What exercise would you participate in without boring yourself to death? Well there are many exercise routines out there claiming to help you lose weight but we all know it’s not always guaranteed. So in this article let’s explore one way to lose weight and your belly fat. YOGA.

Can Yoga Help Lose Belly Fat?

Most people may not be aware that Yoga actually can help immensely for weight loss in the abdominal region. There are specific poses, that target excess weight in the abdomen and coupled with a customized diet, aerobic routine such as walking or light running, those seeking abdominal weight loss would find success in using these yoga exercises.

Do we believe that yoga alone can help you lose weight? Absolutely not. You have to combine all of the aforementioned tips in order for you to gain maximum benefit.

Let’s go over those yoga poses now, shall we?

Abdominal Fat Problem: Best Yoga Poses to Use

  1. The Sun Salutations: These are a combination of poses that serve as a warm up-routine for a Yoga session or class.

They are very similar to the popular calisthenics exercise known as burpees. However, they differ in that they have a spiritual significance included as a result of executing them. Due to the forward and backward bending motions involved, after performing a few to several rounds on a daily basis, you are bound to notice firmness in you abdominal area and the added bonus of muscular tone.

2. The Bow Pose: This simple pose involves laying flat on your belly and grabbing your ankles with both arms while simultaneously lifting your head up high.

When performed correctly, you should be resting on your abdomen. Needless to say, it is a pose commonly recommended for weight loss and the prevention and correction of chronic constipation.

3. The Peacock Pose: This is slightly more challenging. The objective is to balance your abdomen on your conjoined elbows while simultaneously raising your legs and head of the floor.

Naturally, merely attempting it speeds up abdominal weight loss and detoxification of the visceral organs and the preparatory stage could suffice as the actual execution of the pose till the mastery of it is achieved.

4. The Abdominal Lift: This is not a pose, per-se but is a specific exercise that involves you exhaling your breath and pulling the diaphragm in while holding the breath out. This is a specific abdominal exercise for weight loss, spiritual rejuvenation and detoxification.

Now friends, there are other poses such as the shoulder-stand, the forward-bending pose, the spinal twist and the wheel pose that also target increase in muscular tone and weight loss in the abdominal regions, however from practice the 4 above will perhaps be the most effective.

Do note though that if you are female and pregnant or in your menstrual period, some of these poses might not be the best to execute.

If that is the case try this plank method with elbow lift.

Other fantastic exercises for abdominal weight loss include intense Aerobics, the use of the ab-wheel, basic sit-ups, windmills etc. We really like intense aerobics because it really burns calories and as long as you don’t consume more than before after your aerobic workout, you should be able to see results within months.

So empower yourself with these tips and information to achieve your goal for weight loss with yoga.

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