About Us

We are living in an informational age where people are bombarded with so much information from our cell phones that it is hard to know what information is in fact true or false. Companies like Facebook claims to have developed AI algorithms that can filter out fake news from real news but I question whether these AIs can truly understand the deeper meaning of information we seek or whether they can ‘read between the lines.’

The term ‘Fake News’ became a huge deal since the start of President Trump’s administration and continues to influence us even now. I always try to think of both sides of an argument and when President Trump started calling out some major broadcasting news stations like CNN ‘Fake News,’ at first I thought he was foolish for doing that. As time passed however, as I paid close attention to the major media’s portrayal of him, I realized that President Trump in fact did have a point.
I understand  that ‘free press’ has a vital role in the establishment of democracy and sometimes acts as a blockade or checks and balance against executive power overreach. However, I felt like we are so desensitized by negative press or negative portrayal of someone that we often overlook the good. Negative press sells better than positive press because it is more entertaining and capitalism usually rewards fun and exciting news as opposed to boring and lame news.
Perhaps my personality that always feels sympathetic towards the weak or towards those who are unrepresented in society motivated me to create this company. When I saw more than 90% of our press bashing someone or group, I felt a need to create a platform where we can sometimes praise the good works of others present and past, and reveal another angle of a situation which may be portrayed in a positive rather than negative light.
Honest American News began as a personal blog and I wanted to do something different than what other mainstream media companies were doing. I wanted to give people best facts I could find and let people make their own conclusions based on real honest facts. I hope that this company can further contribute to society by providing people best facts so that they can make the best informed decisions.
Disinformation can be dangerous in a democratic society which breathes on people’s informed decisions. For democracies to flourish and succeed, people need accurate information on which to base their decisions and I hope this company can act as that tool for people to make better choices and make positive impact in their lives.
Thanks for visiting our site.
Sincerely Yours,
Brian Ka