Music is the remedy for all kinds of problems and hurts, and an occasion without music will be incomplete. Music not only helps to console others, but even it will help to console the own person who is making music. Here a budding musician who is trying to fill the world with his music.

Anza Saleem, a musician and band and he is having excellent skills in music. He is doing versatile roles, as he is not only involved in doing music, but also he is in singing and composing songs. The height of the person is determined by the number of roles he is handling. Anza Saleem, in the same way, has not limited his skills in composing music, but also he started to sing songs on many occasions and concerts. This work has made him recognized among people, and he started to showcase his talents through his music.

In his initial days, Anza Saleem was interested and keen to learn music. So, he planned to do a course on music. He joined the Pakistan Academy of music and arts to upgrade his skills in music. Later, he also learned to operate the musical instruments, and now he can able to operate the guitar and piano. During his college days, he keeps on learning about music and other things. Also, he even improved his vocal so that he can able to sing songs. He performed and participated in a lot of music-related activities so that the world will know him one day.

The success of the person is defined by his persistence and hard work. Anza Saleem put a lot of effort so that one day he can able to succeed in music. To prove this only, even after finishing college he continued his practice on music. He posted a lot of music-related videos on his Instagram and Facebook page.  And by doing this, he entertained a lot of people, and many people loved his work and they started to follow him on regular basis. He was active on all the social media pages.

He is posting a lot of music-related posts to entertain people with his work, and also he is interacting with a person who tries to contact him through social media. Even though, achieving great heights Anza Saleem still responds to people who send a message to him on social media. This attitude shows that how down to earth person he is, and also it shows that he loves his followers and fans very much.

Recently, in February 2021, after going through a lot of hurdles and efforts, he made his debut in a band performance. This was his first-ever band performance of him, and he was excited about the event as he shared his experiment and happiness on all his social media pages. During his band performance, he was suffering a sore throat but still, he participated in the band so that he can able to prove his talent, and also entertain his followers and fans.

There is good news to his followers that recently Anza Saleem has released his first-ever official video named “Don’t wake me up” and he launched his album on April 16, 2021. Not only he composed this album, but he is also a songwriter of this album. This song is produced by Brian Ka, and the lyricist of this album is Mandy Campbell. 

Check this beautiful video by clicking this link

Check Anza Saleem’s first-ever band performance by clicking this link

If you wanted to see his performance and music videos, then you can visit his Instagram page

Even he is active in Facebook, so people who are not on Instagram can follow him on Facebook by clicking this link

Even he is running his own YouTube channel where he is posting all his works and videos. If you want to take a break from work, then you can visit his page to hear his music performances by visiting his channel, Anza Saleem. You can subscribe to his channel so that you will get regular updates of all the videos which he is posting on YouTube.

He is doing his music service to a lot of people, so if you are planning for any concert activities in your college, and if you want to make your occasion even more special then you can visit him at all your concerts or any other occasion. He will make your events better by giving music treats to everyone that will be a relief from all the stress and depression.

So, if you want to contact him or invite him to any of your special events then you can contact him in the below-mentioned contact details.  

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