Baphomet: You Should See From the Other Sides


Baphomet is known as the name that was stated as Knight Templar’s deity. It means this one was considered the god from the order of Templar. Historically, the proof was written in the transcription regarding the trial in 1307. After that, it also appeared during the early 19th century to suppress the Templar. Eliphas Levi created the depiction of this figure as the man with the goat head contained two long horns. Until today, this picture is the most popular representative known as baphomet.

If you try to find the real figure, the answer is completely out of the mind. This is not a goat you find in the village that always eats grass and plants. Moreover, having the man with the goat mask seems to be a possible way to call him such a creature. Of course, that’s only the part of the play or movie scene you have watched. The story around this thing or creature is interesting because of the digital age bringing more depictions and interpretation.

The God and the Devil

The Knight Templar was accused of worshipping baphomet as the god or deity. In that time, worshipping anything except major religion was considered heresy. Because of this accusation, they ended up in the trial that brought the downfall of the Templar. Until today, this story became the reference of many conspiracy theories. The question is whether the transcription showed the real event or not.

  • The deity

From a mystical perspective, the Baphomet is the deity that brings the balance and prosperity. In this case, people choose this figure because they believe it can deliver what they want. As you know, prosperity is known as wealth, which means you become rich. That’s the logical purpose in the human mind. Everyone wants to secure his or her life in this world by amassing enough wealth to survive. If they find something that can fulfil their purpose and wish, it will be their deity even considered as the god.

  • The devil

Unfortunately, most people from the major group do not see the figure as the deity. On the contrary, they decide to take action by brandishing the follower of the Baphomet as heresy. With the great power of authority, the trial must be held and a decision is easy to expect. Usually, heresy will lead to the death sentence or the exile depending on the level of involvement. The leader of worship will take the fall with the heaviest punishment as the example. After that, anything considered as their deity or god becomes the devil.

The interesting thing is the devil comes from one side or perspective. The people who become the judge in that trial puts this figure as the bad one. Imagine when the follower of the Baphomet is the majority. The devil is not from them but on the opposite sides. Anything different will be branded as the heresy. That’s why you must try to get necessary sources from both sides. The devil is not necessarily evil after giving more prosperity. The god might not be good because of the self-proclaimed.

  • Human reflection

Another interesting meaning of this figure is human reflection. Imagine you have the goat as the same as a goat. From scientific explanation, such a head is too heavy and the body cannot withstand the balance. There is a reason why animals with four legs have the style regarding the design of head. It is part of balance so that they can walk and run easily. On the contrary, the human uses two legs to be on guard that requires a specific style of head. Replacing with a goat will disrupt the balance. You can imagine what will happen when you cannot maintain the order. It is the good meaning of the Baphomet because you see what humans will do when they want more.

The Baphomet from Cultural Perspective

  • The old time

The Baphomet was considered as the deity and the devil. Both were from different groups though the validation was mandatory in this subject. The evidence was available from the transcription when the trial happened. Several centuries later, people in that time still used this figure as the deception of the devil.

  • The modern time

In the modern time, people are more open-minded especially in Europe. Some countries separate the religion from the government. They have learned from long history that several conflicts that bring the calamity are from the dispute between the so-called deities from two factions of worshippers. The group with more people has capability to enforce the law to the minority.

It seems the Baphomet still exists but only in the literature such as the character in the story, poem, and book. Even though it sounds less useful, you must realize that this is the right thing they can do. The name is popular as the devil, which means become an excellent example in educational practice.

  • Digital age

Digital age brings an interesting view regarding the Baphomet, especially the new generation. They live in the era when every information is available on the internet. Finding the reference, books, stories, and contents related to this thing is a simple task. You might not find the real worshipper in the public that has not been seen since centuries ago. It turns into a character for art, movies, and any entertainment product. You should watch how they use the man with a goat’s head as the antagonist. From a cultural perspective, the meaning of the Baphomet is distorted during the modern era that affects today.

Unless proven as the real creature, science will deny that such a thing exists in this life. On the contrary, it is necessary to be part of human history especially in the specific culture as the depiction of the devil. You are too late to correct that it is the good deity. It is still controversial but some people may have a different perspective. They see from other sides that the Baphomet deserves to be respected. If someone uses it as his or her god, there is an interesting reason why such an event happens. More examples from old cultures experience the same situation.


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